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Verizon Cell Phone Internet Not Working


Please fix this. I should've stuck with AT&T! Brookville, Long Island, New York (ZIP 11545) oN 5/25/2016, Verizon service went from spotty, at best, to NOTHING in 80% of locations in area. they working on problem yet never provide an eta. @GamebiIl @vzwsupport it is updated and the people i know who have verizon also have signal issues. @kingseesar @vzwsupport been trying to http://admitcore.net/cell-phone/verizon-cell-phone-not-working.html

Michael One thing to note is that not all 3G is created equal. It is possible and quite likely that during storm recovery, not all services will be restored at the same time. I cant send or receive any texts either. This has never happened to us.

What Is Wrong With Verizon Service Today

When im in a 4g area, yes the signal sucks and turns on and off. wrong, it still loses signal. Using the Battery Test strip included with your PowerReserve Device, remove and test each battery and replace any batteries that failed the test. Would it be best to go with a 3G on a 2 year right now and then see what's up with the 4G?

I'm in northeast kansas D. My crappy BB Curve pics up my home Wifi signal anywhere in my house, including the yard. JMK Northwest NJ (Sparta) has no mobile coverage (no phone calls or texts) Lea no service suddenly every time i drive by valleyfields QC??? Report Verizon Wireless Outage fix it fast Verizon is expensive network so it ain't fair paying so much for a shitty service..

Verizon wake up Noah Go to settings, Go to roaming and Turn LTE back on. I can still send texts and calls which is weird but only when connected to wifi. I can't make calls but I can text and still use data related apps. have a peek here Dave It is a Verizon problem.

I purchased a Bionic with a new contract, when I returned and cancelled contract they offered to swap the phone and told me about the fix that is coming. Nationwide Cell Phone Outage I understand I got a phone that was really a new thing, being 4G and all. Kerry Deihle I've been extremely spotty since Saturday. Seems like im covered in L.A http://iamandroid.com Eric Richardson Gonna have to agree.

Verizon Outage 2016

Moved from AT&T to T-Mobil (sucked) to Verizon. http://outage.report/verizon-wireless Duhh ! What Is Wrong With Verizon Service Today they are denying i ever called @tmobile @sprintcare @RaleighLama @vzwsupport is there an issue in the la airport area? Cell Phone Outage Today I think this is a legal issue, and I am sure some people have lost significant amount of money or damages as a result of not having GPS location available, or

I read that this is the process that attempts to switch between 3g and 4g. this content Proby I have HTC Thunderbolt in the Bay Area, so far with standard rom and Gingerbread leak have no connection and reboot issue. 4G connection is awesome fast and steady. This from a very happy VZW customer. Thunderbolt has it's own, the Revolution shares it's modem with the LG USB modem. Verizon Internet Not Working

The data disconnects seemed better for a day or so, but then seemed to get worse. I got a funny stare and just returned phone and cancelled contract :-) I did return phone for other reasons besides data issue sincit only happened to me a few times.. Where are the email updates for service outages?????? weblink They exist in our home and offices like little wireless cones of silence.Ben decided to fix his bad air problem by installing the Verizon Wireless Network Extender but after using the product

her zip is 30720 looks like there is some type of outage @baker_tionna is it just my phone or is other verizon phone saying they have no service ?!?! @julezz33 @verizon Cell Phone Outage Map When I lose data, ALL data is gone. We're actually mostly new customers, so this is NOT a good sign for you, Verizon… Mel Text msgs not being received by others.

my verizon app won't work with my pixel xl.

Tiffany Martin I'm not getting any of my texts. Who can we get to talk to? Called 611 , and they said they had ticket on it and were working on it. Verizon Twitter no wonder @verizon @tmobile @att have so many more customers! @VZWSupport @kylepavela vzw to the rescue.

Elizabeth My laptop keeps saying Google Chrome not responding when I try other ways to get on it won't go there either. Margey I cannot send or receive texts in 76651 area Mack Verizon messages are not going, i keep getting send failed, i keep retrying and still not sending. I'm re-posting here to increase exposure and see if others agree and can provide assistance or answers.] ------------------------------------------------------------------- I have also been plagued by the connectivity issue. http://admitcore.net/cell-phone/verizon-cell-phone-service-not-working.html Rachel I've got no Internet service ~ what's going on Verizon?

Maybe that is why switching to Airplane Mode sometimes solves the issue. zipcode 92780. If your ONT has a Power Adapter, you may utilize the Verizon PowerReserve device which plugs into the Power Adapter and uses 12 D-cell batteries that provides up to 20 hours no merging @oracle_test @verizon i transferred my number from tmbl to you and am awaiting a sim card.currently i have no mobile service.when is my sim arriving? @michaeloshima hey @verizon so

If necessary, Verizon will replace damaged or missing equipment by mail, at no cost to you. I realize things happens, JUST FIX IT!! Michael Donahoe No phone service in South Columbus at 3 pm. Ryan That's really odd because I live in the Bay Area as well and use a stock Tbolt and virtually never run into this issue...

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